General Terms and Conditions



Hr-pool offers placement and counseling services in the form of joint project work for which the following general terms and conditions apply.



  1. The subject of the contract is a general placement and counseling commission, which is carried out according to the principles of proper professional practice, using modern knowledge and experience.
  2. The procedure for the fulfillment of the order is defined by the contractor's offer. Changes, supplements or extensions of  the procedure and the nature of the work results require a special written Agreement.
  3. When a contract is concluded for the purpose of forming a contract of employment between the client and proposed candidate, the contractor has rendered the agreed services. The enquiry is considered to be executed and has ended.
  4. Changes, supplements or the premature termination of a contract must be in writing.
  5. The guarantee of success in negotiations between companies and potential candidates cannot be guaranteed
  6. Unless agreed otherwise within the contract, the mediators’ fee shall be 15% of the first years gross salary of the proposed candidate plus usual VAT. If the employment relationship is terminated within the first 3 months after commencement of employment, the fee will be refunded. In this case 3% of the fee will stay with the mediator for his effort.
  7. The agreed fee is due at the beginning of the employment contract
  8. If the proposed candidate is recruited within 12 months, the contract shall be deemed to be fulfilled and the mediation fee shall be invoiced.
  9. The transfer of documents, which the client receives through the mediation work, is prohibited to forward in any form to third parties and can be invoiced
  10. All documents are treated with the utmost care and confidentiality. A transfer is only possible with explicit consent from the candidate.
  11. The mediator must be informed of any health and safety risks from the proposed job. The Contractor undertakes action from his knowledge and belief.
  12. No liability can be assumed for any kind of consequences arising from the contractual relationship between the customer and the selected Person
  13. The customer and the contractor undertake to mutual loyalty. In particular, the hiring-of or other employment of employees of the contracting party who have been involved in the performance of the contract shall be suspended before the expiry of twelve months after the end of the cooperation.
  14. changes of legal forms or personal responsibilities do not affect existing contracts
  15. Place of Performance and Jurisdiction is the location of the mediator. The law of the country of the mediators’ location shall be applied.
  16. Should any of the foregoing conditions be invalid or unenforceable, this shall not affect the validity of the other contractual components and other conditions contained therein. The contracting parties undertake their best to find together a solution which corresponds most closely to the purpose of the concluded contract.


These general terms and conditions are known to the involved service providers of hr-pool.


In the interests of equality any offers of ours are made regardless of gender, age, origin, belief or disability.