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Our mission is to support you in finding the professionals that fit your company. Our approach in this case is not limited to advertising on the usual platforms as we operate as well in direct acquisition of staff.


To save your company time and money, we preselect from a group of potential applicants according to your specified requirements. Once we have classified one or more suitable candidates, we arrange contact. The final decision remains of course in your hands.


In many cases a suitable candidate is already registered in our pool and contact can be made quickly.


In other cases, of course, a successful search can take time before we can present the perfect candidate.


We process each enquiry as a separate project and with the utmost care. Our goal is to make the candidate just as happy as you. In this way long-term and successful work relations can arise.


the way to the matching candidate


For a successful research, we are in the need of the desired profile of your future employee and of course a description of his new job. The more information you provide, the more successful our search is, which in turn creates a positive result for all parties


For further information and enquiries please contact your regional office or hr-pool directly:


The office for the Arabic Region, Europe Andrea Zettler:

The office for Asia, Patrick Biermann:

Administration, Thomas Meyer:

The costs of our service


Our goal is to create long-term employment; however we cannot guarantee 100% success. On this basis our fee is between 5 and 15% of the first annual gross salary of your new employee we delivered plus the usual VAT. We are happy to send you a quote.  


If new employment is dissolved in the first 3 months we provide suitable replacement candidates, if available, or refund your money. Here, we will keep a share of 3% of annual gross salary for our work.


Payment is only due after a contract has been signed between you and your new employee.